The Temple Revealed: The True Location of the Jewish Temple Hidden in Plain Sight (Full Book pdf)

Christian Widener
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With peace in the Middle East finally on the horizon, could it now be time to begin rebuilding the Jewish temple?

Does your heart yearn to see prophecy fulfilled and the temple rebuilt? Is it possible to know for sure where the temple was located so that it can be? Are you willing to examine the case for the temple location, based on a thorough review of biblical and historical testimony, archaeological evidence, and logical inference and deduction? If so, then you can know with certainty where it was formerly located and that rebuilding the temple is now possible!

In The Temple Revealed you will:

  • Discover biblical prophecies that have been unknowingly fulfilled right before our eyes;
  • Unravel more than three thousand years of Temple Mount history;
  • Explore the latest archaeological findings;
  • Realize the prophetic and spiritual significance of the temple and why it's so important;
  • See exactly where the temple actually sat almost two thousand years ago;
  • Understand a plan for how the temple could be rebuilt peacefully in our day;
  • and much more . . .

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the evidence that the temple location has been hiding in plain sight . . .

Are you ready to engage in one of the most significant debates regarding Jerusalem?

The issue revolves around the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, which has lain in ruins since AD 70 and which many would say is the next prophetic piece in Israel's restoration. Of course, that necessitates determining precisely where it should be located when it is rebuilt. In the pages of The Temple Revealed, the entire case is laid out, with the evidence to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the famed Golden Gate is the true eastern gate of the First and Second Temples and marks the east-west line of where the temple should be rebuilt. It is also shown that the Dome of the Spirits covers the remains of the threshing floor of Araunah, which gives us the precise location of the Holy of Holies of the temple. Using these two landmarks, which are validated using historic testimonies, recent and not-so-recent archaeological finds, logical deduction, and God's Word, we can now confidently proclaim the correct location to begin rebuilding the temple. Answering anything definitively about Jerusalem is like trying to untangle a knotted fishing line, but with a little patience and persistence, we can separate a lot of fact from fiction. Dr. Widener starts with the accounts recorded in the Bible and then uses historic testimony and archaeological evidence to discover the true location of the Jewish temple. Perhaps now, after almost two thousand years, the temple can be rebuilt, peacefully, in its proper location in the northern portion of the Temple Mount, which is free and clear of any obstructions that might otherwise prevent its immediate construction.

Come embark on a journey to learn how close we really are to making history and seeing the fulfillment of God's prophetic Word!

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